How did we get here?

Here is a list of some of the transactions that have occurred during the previous 2.5 seasons.


  • Team switched back to 4-3
  • Fox fired
  • McPhee traded to Panthers for future 1st round pick
  • Jeffrey traded to Chiefs for 1st
  • Freeman (MLB) traded to Skins for future pick
  • Team goes 0-16
  • Cutler cut after SB
  • Floyd wins DROY
  • CPU generated coach fired



  • Marvin Lewis hired as coach
  • LT Luke Deese drafted #1 OVR
  • QB Parker Sheets drafted #24 OVR
  • RT Brandon Gabriel drafted #1 in 2nd Round
  • LOLB Daniel Harts drafted #1 in 4th Round
  • 2nd Round pick traded for CB Roby (79 OVR)
  • Kyle Long (79 OVR) traded to Texans for Braxton Miller (75 OVR)
  • Sheets wins NFC OROY
  • Harts wins NFC DROY
  • Team goes 4-12



  • HB Dontre O’Neil drafted #15 OVR (McPhee trade)
  • RE Spencer Herrion drafted #6 OVR
  • C Nicholas Fasano drafted #6 in 4th Round
  • Traded C Cody Whitehair to Ravens for TE Maxx Williams (80 OVR)




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