I’m going to use this blog to track my quest to bring a SuperBowl to Chicago.  I got to season 3 before I got the idea to do this so we will start there.

I decided to borrow a couple ground rules from Old Man Nathy over on OperationSports. He also has a great scouting tool for people that like to get deep into scouting. I’m also using TDawg’s XP sliders.

Ground Rules

  1. Sim or watch games only
  2. Sim all training, but I can select focus players
  3. Use NFL draft pick value chart when making deals
  4. Only trade for players that have been placed on CPU block
  5. Can only make one offer per player during FA period.  No adjusting
  6. Max of 10 picks per draft
  7. Max of 2 1st round picks per draft
  8. Max of 3 UDFA signings per season


XP Sliders